About Clint King

Clint King - Promoting Supply Chain Education AwarenessClint King is a 21 year old race car driver and full time employee in the Supply Chain Industry. Clint lives in Denton, North Carolina where he grew up experiencing the value of hands on labor in a small town community. Since the age of 8 Clint has climbed the ranks of racing in textbook fashion driving at multiple levels of motorsports starting with Bandolero cars, to Pro Challenge, Late Model Super Trucks, NASCAR Late Model Stock, NASCAR K&N Pro Series, ARCA Racing Series By Menards and now the elite NASCAR Xfinity series.

He has accumulated multiple wins and championships along the way during his 13 year racing career and now has the goal of racing full time in the NASCAR Xfinity series in 2017 promoting his Supply Chain awareness campaign.

While being an accomplished race car driver on the track, Clint’s most recent success has not come from behind the wheel, but through his job in the Supply Chain Industry where he has become one of the most recognized young professionals in his field.

Clint is the Warehouse Manager and Systems Sales/Design Specialist for Warehouse Design, Inc. in Thomasville, NC. His job description includes inventory control, logistics management, AutoCAD design and sales of highly integrated material handling systems for warehouse and distribution centers. Through Clint’s direct involvement with the Supply Chain Industry he has recognized a huge need to get more young people involved with his industry to fill a national employment deficit that is increasing daily.

Through the power and reach of NASCAR marketing Clint is focused on promoting supply chain awareness and education across the country as he works to reduce the employment deficit in the Supply Chain Industry. Clint’s mission trademark “Speed – Precision – Supply Chain” draws a direct correlation between the Supply Chain Industry and Motorsports. For more information on Clint’s Supply Chain awareness & education outreach program see Clint’s Mission Statement.