Clint’s Mission

Reaching an Untapped Well of Employees.

Clint King - Promoting Supply Chain Education AwarenessPrior to Clint’s employment at Warehouse Design, Inc. he had no interest in the supply chain industry. During the past 3 years of his employment within the supply chain industry Clint has now determined that the industry has vast potential with endless job opportunities and room for promotion …

“As a current supply industry professional I have vested interest in the supply chain industry. I spend time daily in facilities across the country and notice that the younger generation employee in the supply chain industry just isn’t there. Even in speaking with my friends, ages 18-22, which are currently enrolled in various colleges; they always give me a puzzled look as to what the supply chain is and what it has to offer.

I would say there are at least 75% of 2nd to 3rd year college students that have yet to decide what career path they want to take. And in way more cases than not, the supply chain industry is not their ultimate choice when it becomes decision time. The worst part is it’s not because the supply chain field is a dead end path, we all know that it is one of the most vast career choices there are available in today’s society; it’s because no one in my generation knows about the industry or the opportunities that lie within. The right promotional outreach program is simply not out there yet.

With the correct partnerships we could promote this industry like never before. And for the sake of a multi-billion dollar industry, something has to be done in a big way, soon. There will come a day where all experienced supply chain personnel will be gone. Who will replace them? Who will continue the growth and expansion of an industry that literally makes every single daily process happen? It is up to us to make up this deficit and positively impact supply chain awareness. Through this platform, we can make it happen.”

– Clint King

What are we doing to reach this potential well of employees?

Clint King - Promoting Supply Chain Education AwarenessNational Awareness Campaign Through Motorsports
Through support from various partners our “Supply Chain, Logistics & Material Handling Industry Awareness” platform is receiving national exposure as Clint King competes in the NASCAR Xfinity series donning the phrase “Speed – Precision – Supply Chain ®” on the car to promote awareness of our industry. We are working with a leading trade association with hopes we can get more companies to support this platform and continue this awareness program into 2017. This national outreach program would increase awareness about the many career paths in our industry and potentially provide funding to schools for necessary training materials needed to prepare students for a career in the Supply Chain, Logistics & Material Handling Industry.

MHI Face of Supply Chain Finalist
In November 2015 MHI (Material Handling Institute) launched a new awareness campaign to connect, engage, and inspire next generation workers to pursue manufacturing and supply chain careers. Contestants were asked to submit a video or blog sharing their stories on why they should be nominated as the “Face of Supply Chain”. Stories from around the nation were submitted and our own Clint King’s video resulted in him being selected as one of the three national finalists. He was recognized during the MHI Industry Night at MODEX 2016 in Atlanta, GA. Check out Clint’s “Face of Supply Chain” video.


Career Fairs
Clint regularly attends career fairs, high schools, and colleges lecturing students about the careers in Supply Chain & Logistics with the “Speed. Precision. Supply Chain.” show car to further the outreach of his Supply Chain Education and Awareness platform.

Yadkin Valley Career Academy
Clint is a strong believer in introducing the vast array of jobs available in the supply chain industry to high school age students. That is why he strongly endorses the educational platform that is being promoted at Yadkin Valley Career Academy in Lexington, NC. Yadkin Valley Career Academy recognizes that we have an immediate need for workers in the Supply Chain & Logistics industry. They are doing their part to introduce students to this career path. To show his support to this program Clint currently serves as a board member for Yadkin Valley Career Academy. This position helps him better understand the specific training tools needed and interest level of their student body. It also ensures a connection between the school and the actual industry.